• Teacher Adoption Program Overview

  • Goal of teacher adoption program (TAP)

    To provide MISD teachers with a voluntary community of tangible support, care, and encouragement.

    Why would a program like this help?

    Teacher attrition rate is on the rise.

    “Levels of attrition are estimated to be nearly 8% of the workforce annually and are responsible for the largest share of annual demand (of teachers). The teaching workforce continues to be a leaky bucket, losing hundreds of thousands of teachers each year—the majority of them before retirement age. Changing attrition would change the projected shortages more than any other single factor.”

       –Learning Policy Institute

    High teacher attrition rate is tied to a declining quality of education.

     “The cost of attrition to student learning and district budgets is significant. Teachers are the number one in-school influence on student achievement. Research finds that high rates of turnover harm student achievement.”

       –Learning Policy Institute

    When asked* “what are your greatest challenges as an MISD teacher?” teachers answered:

    #1 - New to Midland/Loneliness
    #2 - Lack of teaching resources
    #3 - Lack of respect/community support

    How does TAP work?

    • An individual, small group, or family volunteers to “adopt” a teacher for the 2018/2019 school year. Background check(s) required.
    • Both teacher and volunteer(s) commit to a monthly face-to-face meal/coffee
    • Volunteer(s) agree to tangibly, regularly connect with teacher (encouraging letters, care package, meal)


    YES - I want to "Adopt" a Teacher!

    *In a survey of 935 Midland ISD Teachers

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